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General Questions

1. How Old Do I Have to Be?  21 years or older.

2. Who Attends the Parties? Mostly married couples and single females. There will be a variety of people with different ages, shapes & sizes of adults. 
3. When are the Parties? Parties are held twice a month on the 2nd & 4th Friday of each month. 

4. How Can I RSVP?  You may RSVP on the Reservation link, Fetlife or ClubForePlay (C4P), or email  You must register on
5.  Will I Be Safe at a Party? Yes. There will be security on the premises and watchful staff. Pressure and/or harassment or violence or illegal activity will absolutely NOT be tolerated. You are also responsible for exercising self control, good judgement, and drinking responsibly.
6.  Can Single Men Attend?  Yes, by invitation only and you must have validations.  
7.  What are the Hours?  Parties begins at 9:00 p.m. and closes at 2:00 a.m. 
8.  What do I Wear? Dress to Impress.  Club Wear, Evening Wear.
9.  Is Alcohol Permitted? We do NOT serve alcohol.  You are welcome to bring you own beverages.
10.  Will I have to Participate? No, you are a consenting adult so you determine your actions.
11.  Is the Club cliquish? No, we are friendly and inviting. We want everyone to feel welcome.

12.  Can I Just Show Up without an RSVP?  No.  You must register to Gain Entry.

13.  Can I Smoke?  There is no indoor smoking but vaping is allowed.  We have a large outdoor private patio.

Email Us For Further Information

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