Single Men are NOT allowed UNLESS...

1. You are invited by and come with a couple.

2.  You are or have been actively involved in the lifestyle (which means you have validations and known people who can vouch for you.

All too often single men want to attend with false expectations and little to no known etiquette on how to behavior on what you can and cannot do.  

UNLESS you really have something to offer which includes an articulate description of who you are an why you want to attend...DO NOT MESSAGE asking to attend.

Being curious, just wanting to check it out, wanting to gawk or hover, or being under the false assumption that women will be at your beck and call is NOT a valid reason to ask to come.

If you are well-mannered, respectful, considerate, take care of yourself, & truly interested in the lifestyle experience then email me.  State why you want to attend & what you have to offer the group.

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